Mandatory certification is a necessary procedure applied for specific types of products and services, where the algorithm of inspection for GOST and technical regulations conformity is stipulated in the corresponding legal enactments. Certification documents allow establishing constant and positive products realization as well as raising effectiveness of your business and satisfaction of consumers.

Voluntary certification is not a mandatory procedure, however, it is desired for those companies and individual entrepreneurs, who want to receive additional documental approval of the high quality of their service or products supposed for the purchaser (food products, perfumery, cosmetics, electrical equipment and many others). Very often, possessing of such documents can be a huge advantage for a company in comparison with other suppliers. 

Contact «AST-Certification» and we will always help you to receive the documents, such as:

•    Certificate/Declaration in the system of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU)
•    Certificate/Declaration in the system of the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation (TR RF)
•    Certificate/Declaration GOST R
•    Fire safety certificate, mandatory/voluntary
•    Fire safety declaration
•    Certificate of goods origin (ST-1)

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