The «АST-Import» company offers all-inclusive service in the field of outsourcing of international economic activity (IEA) as well as optimization of customs tax declaration, certification of products and solution for any collateral issues.

Variants of cooperation:

•    The client looks for a supplier of goods for himself, and then he settles with the supplier the price and payment terms as well as delivery time and agent’s participation in the transaction («AST-Import»). Then, on our own behalf, we perform the sale and purchase transaction in full: from settlement payments with the supplier to direct delivery of the products to the purchaser. 
•    The client makes an assignment to the specialists of «AST-Import», where he describes in details the needed product. Then our agents contact with a supplier selected by us, and negotiate terms and conditions of the international sale and purchase contract, after that they inform the client about the arrangement reached and upon the client’s approval, at their own expense, they organize the product purchase and delivery. Upon termination of the customs registration, the product is sold to the client in the territory of the Russian Federation at the price specified in the agreement.

Whatever variant the client chooses, upon delivery of the product (after the freight transportation), the client receives all needed documents that confirms legality of the freight importation. 
The service cost – the agent’s commission – is rated on a percentage basis from the transaction value and can vary from 1 to 8%. At that, the payment for the provided product can be made by instalment within the schedule approved by the parties. 

As a rule, the final amount includes:

•    Invoice price of the product;
•    Price for delivery the freight from the manufacturer/seller to the warehouse of the purchase;
•    Mandatory customs payments;
•    Price for certification of the product for importation to the Russian Federation (GSEN, RTS if needed);
•    Service cost;
•    Banking expenses related to currency conversion as well as to the product purchase from the foreign supplier.

However, the «AST-Import» company is focused on long-term cooperation with every client, for this reason, we are always ready to negotiate individual schemes of mutual partner payments.

Objective advantages:

•    Considerable financial saving due to professionally selected work scheme.
•    Labor cost reduction at the stage of the product purchase due to lack of personnel related expenses. 
•    Possibility to focus your own efforts on your business activity without investing forces into the export and import transactions. 
•    Relief of legal liability in regulatory bodies.
•    Complete documental reporting and accountability at all stages of the working process.


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